New version doorbell

with lower energy comsuption


Wherever you are, you can monitor what happens at your home anytime or anywhere. It can be standby long time, video talk-back and easy install without wires.

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Install easily

With lower-consumption technology and battery power supply, it will be very easy to install without wiring.

In the lower-consumption mode, the working time can be over 6 – 12 months and standby time will be over one and half years.

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A smart doorbell is our latest video doorbell that lets you answer the door from anywhere. It sends real-time notifications to your phone through an app whenever anyone knocks on your door, triggers the built-in motion sensors, or presses the doorbell button. And is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

Connect 4 phones at same time with 2.4GHZ WIFI system.

Infrared vision helps you at night to secure your home and yourself.

Automatic motion detection, to start film everything who moves.

Storage all videos on cloud systems.

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